Pledging / Unpledging (Also known as "Show Funds")

Sometimes, buyers may not be able to get the home loan amount for their dream home. 
This could be due to their being in the self employed, or commission based salaried jobs, or it could be due to the TDSR restrictions too.


What many buyers do not know is that there is a way to increase their home loan!


There are two ways, namely Pledging or Unpledging. 

  • Pledging - This is when assets are pledged for 4 years to increase their income, which will let them be eligible for a higher home loan. For example, to put $100,000 into a fixed deposit for 4 years, will increase your monthly income by about $2,100. Note that pledge assets include Singapore Dollar Deposits, Stocks, Bonds, Gold, etc. Pledging assets for less than 4 years, will lower the additional income therefore affecting the home loan. Do check with a reliable bankers with various banks to get the best option.


  • Unpledging - This is when assets are shown to the bank 1 or 2 times, which subsequently, the assets can be withdrawn and used for other purpose. So instead of locking it in for 4 years, this option is preferable, however a much higher amount is needed. To increase the home loan by the same amount of $2,100, the unpledge amount would be about $330,000!

Do contact me if you would like me to calculate other options for you or to recommend you a reliable banker.

I will be most glad to assist you in your property dreams. 
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*Disclaimer: Note that the values here are estimated and may be changed without prior notice.

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